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Mahabharata E-Publications

Yet another pearl has been added to the string of great embarkations undertakenby His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha today.

The e - publication edition of the world's greatest epic Mahabharata was released on the auspicious day of Makara Sankramana. This release took place in a unique manner. They were released during the maharathotsava organised on account of Makara Sankranti which is one of the prestigious utsavas of Lord Krishna.  A special dais was erected at the rathabeedi at a place called 'Guttu', where the ratha halts.



On this dais, His Holiness Vishvesha Teertha Sripadaru released these publications and submitted it to the indweller of Madhva, Lord Vedavyasa.

This edition of Mahabharata published by Shri Matha is based on the literary works of Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya by Shri Madhvacharya and Mahabharata Lakshalankara by Shri Vadiraja Teertha. Therefore, instances not validated by Lord Vedavyasa will not be found in this edition making it one of its specialities.

During this occasion, pontiff of the paryaya matha His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vidyasagara Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vidyesha Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vishvapriya Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vidyavallabha Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vishvaprasanna Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vidyaprasanna Teertharu, H.H. Sri Vishvavallabha Teertharu, H.H. Sri Eeshapriya Teertharu and H.H. Sri Bannanje Raghavendra Teertharu were present.

These texts may be purchased by those interested  through the Google Play Store. Desirous that this pure edition is available to everyone, His Holiness has made these books available at an affordable price point. This book can be read easily on android phones. Features such as bibliography, search, bookmark and adding notes are very easy in this e-publication.

  1. Mahabharata -  Aadi Parva आदिपर्व (Go to Play Store)
  2. Mahabharata -  Sabha Parva सभापर्व (Go To Play Store)
  3. Mahabharata -  Vana Parva वनपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  4. Mahabharata -  Virata Parva विराटपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  5. Mahabharata -  Udyoga Parva उद्योगपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  6. Mahabharata -  Bheeshma Parva भीष्मपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  7. Mahabharata -  Drona Parva द्रोणपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  8. Mahabharata -  Karna Parva कर्णपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  9. Mahabharata -  Shalya Parva शल्यपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  10. Mahabharata -  Souptika Parva सौप्तिकपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  11. Mahabharata -  Stree Parva स्त्रीपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  12. Mahabharata -  Shanti Parva शांतिपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  13. Mahabharata -  Anushasana Parva अनुशासनपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  14. Mahabharata -  Ashvamedhika Parva अश्वमेधिकपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  15. Mahabharata -  Ashramavasika Parva आश्रमवासिकपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  16. Mahabharata -  Mousala Parva मौसलपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  17. Mahabharata -  Mahaprasthanika Parva महाप्रस्थानिकपर्व (Go To Play Store)
  18. Mahabharata -  Swargarohana Parva स्वर्गारोहणपर्व (Go To Play Store)