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  • Suvarna Tulasi Samarpane is offered to Lord Krishna on Daily basis at 9:00AM

    It is known to everybody that the paryaya peetadhipati His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertharu has undertaken a humongous project of adorning the roof of the sanctum sanctorum of Shri Krishna Matha with gold topping. Supplementary to this undertaking, His Holiness is introducing yet another beautiful opportunity of service to the devotees.As always, each of us can join hands in this service.


    “Suvarna tulasi samarpane” is that service. His Holiness will dedicate one lakh tulasi leaves made of gold to Lord Krishna during his paryaya tenure. He will offer these gold tulasi leaves too during the laksha tulasi archane which is currently underway.


    Each of these tulasi leaves will weigh one gram. These will later be used to cover the roof of the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Krishna. Thus, His Holiness is presenting all of us with a unique opportunity of rendering dual service to Lord Krishna. The tulasi offered by devotees will adorn the feet of Lord Krishna till the gold casing for the ceiling is crafted and thereafter embellish the tower.


    Devotees who are unable to make large contributions towards the Suvarna Gopura project can avail of this opportunity of service. The service may seem small, it is not heavy on our pockets but the fruit it bears is immense. It is submitted to the tiny feet of muddu Krishna who is the protector of the world. It would eternally redeem generations of those who render service.


    Lord Krishna himself has stated “Na dēva tōṣaṇaṁ vr̥thā”! Service rendered unto Him is never futile. Let us take part in this service and conserve some merit for our future generations too!
    How to make an offering?

    Tulasi weighing 1gm made from pure gold may be submitted to Shri Matha
    Money equivalent to the cost of crafting may be remitted
    An individual may offer any number of Tulasi leaves

    For more details, kindly contact:
    P.R.Prahllad, Manager, Paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha

    Amount: INR 3,000.00